The True Con: Life

Control so that you may consume, care and continue to live peacefully, or choose something beyond what they are telling you.

 Consumption is key. But what are we to consume? What do we have left in this pitiful excuse for a world?

 We are to consume our young, and our young are to consume us in return. Fail not to recognize the signs of a dying nation as it spirals toward the end of its days taking the rest of the world with it.

Democracy was a nice thought.

What we have is not democracy, it is capitalism. The wealthy continue to consume and prosper. The middle class is dwindling.

Cycles are the only thing humanity is capable of. We as people cycle through our emotions, and fears picking the worst for our current situation, and then we die.

 The same goes for the social groups we create and as we interact with other humans. We fail to recognize our history; we continue to spiral downward to the end of our pitiful lives, hoping that along the way we pissed on the largest number of people possible so that we can make it to our imaginary land. We cycle through our days growing closer and closer to repeating our history once more. Slavery is not far behind us, yet vaguely, we can see it in the distance. Still we cannot stop, for time chases us, pushing is forward. We must again repeat ourselves.

Life is a circle.

Humanity still fights to revive the unborn fetus of chivalry, a philosophy never allowed into this world.

Christ is a myth, and Christianity is a con as well. Take a look and try to convince me otherwise.

The artist creates the opinions of the sheep, yet even the artist fails to know that they themselves baa like the rest.

Politicians cannot control the masses. They are the biggest sheep of them all, but where in this metaphor is the farmer? He lurks in the shadows, striking only when the masses dare to differ, creating controversy.
But, you can’t have controversy without a con, right?

Sincerely, Drey